27.11.2021 (Sat) 1400 - 1800
Eaton Music Room

Marathon-style screenings without hosts 

The beer party will be served all day

Screening Time:1400

17 Years

TO Chun Him
BACM in School of Creative Media, CityU


Hong Kong|2018|60Fiction
In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles


No one will ever have the full picture of what has happened.

TO Chun Him

My English is not good.

Email: tchto.work@gmail.com

Screening Time:1500


KWAN Cheuk Wai
BACM in School of Creative Media, CityU

A casual chat between an old man and a child upon their encounter by the seaside.

KWAN Cheuk Wai

A director and scriptwriter. Born in Hong Kong in 1995. Studied media art and mainly

working on moving images.

Email: kwancheukwai2000@gmail.com

The Poem of Pakistan

CHAN Hon Yan
Department of filmmaking, TNUA

Hong Kong,Taiwan|2021|25|Fiction
In Cantonese, Urdu,
& English with Chinese & English subtitles

Hamid, a young Pakistani man in Hong Kong, works hard to earn a living, and has to take shortcuts sometimes. When he meets a Pakistani youth who loves Pakistani literature, it leads Hamid to reflect on his current way of life. The film won Asian New Wave Award at Kaohsiung Film Festival International Short Film Competition,  and was nominated for the Golden Horse Award and Taipei Film Awards.


CHAN Hon Yan

Ryan Chan won the 25th ifva Gold Award with his work Old Man and A Dog, which was also nominated for the Golden Horse Award and Taipei Film Awards.

Email: ryanchan923@gmail.com

Temporal (+) Boundary

Vivian WONG
BA Double Majors in Comparative Literature and Hong Kong Studies, HKU

Hong Kong|2021|31|Experimental
In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles


A short film about the action of choosing, the faith in believing, and invisible boundaries. In the casting of a docu-narrative drama, the protagonist is asked about the idea of her future self and the future Hong Kong after encountering social turmoil. Ji Hang searches for his answers via dialogues with his mother, friend, and strangers.

Vivian WONG

Vivian Wong is an independent media creator and dancer. She dabbles in mixed-media creation to explore the possibilities created by the interflow of different art forms. Her first short film, Routine, received the Excellence Award in the Busan Contest Universiade 2020.

Email: vivianwwl0716@gmail.com

Kill Danny

WU Hau Chung、LEUNG Chun Tat、LAW Lok Hei
BA in Digital Media, PolyU


Hong Kong|2020|10|Animation
In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles 


Iron Fist is a stuntman who lives a happy life with his pet dog, Popo, after his retirement. One morning, a car runs over Popo, and the killer turns out to be billionaire Danny. As he watches the car take off, Iron Fist vows revenge.


Kill Danny's Team

924 STUDIO is an animation studio founded by three fresh graduates of PolyU: Law Lok Hei, Leung Chun Tat, and Wu Hau Chung. Our work mainly includes cel animation with plenty of action sequences. Among all of our previous projects, Kill Danny was our most presentable.  It was awarded Special Mention in the Animation Category at the 26th ifva and at the 22nd DigiCon6 ASIA Awards Hong Kong Next Generation.

Email: 924studiohk@gmail.com

The Last Breath

YIP Yuen Ching
BACM in School of Creative Media, CityU

Hong Kong|2020|53Documentary
In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles


After experiencing the land resumption conflict in 2016, the Ma Shi Po village now seems  calm in this short moment when the villagers can’t predict when the next storm is coming for them. However, they still adhere to their living style in the village, especially the members of the Au family.

YIP Yuen Ching

Keen on image creation since high school, and graduated from the Creative Media College of City University of Hong Kong in 2020. Hoping to develop various forms of video narration, whether drama, documentary, experimental, or cross-media cooperation.


Echoes of The Wave

Master of Social Science (Counselling), HKU

Hong Kong|2019|77 Documentary
In Cantonese & English with Chinese & English subtitles


A Hong Kong football team sets themselves on a journey of trials and tribulations challenging Asia’s most competitive league. Up against the current, this local team’s passionate endeavor brought to light hope, families, and a fervent community as the 12th player.


A counsellor and freelance script writer. His work Castle of Glass has been nominated for Performance of the Year, IATC(HK) Critics Awards 2018, and Best Production, The Hong Kong Theatre Libre.


19.11. 2021 (Fri) 1945
BC (Cancelled)

The Cage

TSOI Wing Chau
BA (Hons) in Visual Arts, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU

Hong Kong|2021|7|Animation
In Cantonese & English with Chinese & English subtitles


A short film which provides a strong message on totalitarian rule, capitalism, freedom, and resistance. Under totalitarian society, even if we keep ourselves in peace, can we really live a stable life?

TSOI Wing Chau

Passionate about exploring and recording what happens around her in daily life. Working style mainly revolves around emotion, narrative, and humour. Usually expresses her personal emotions and feelings through metaphors, fables, and symbols. Hoping to bring a message to the audience through works.