Programme 6: The Shape of Family 21.11.2021 (Sun) 1935|BC
with post-screening talk
host by LAM Sum

There are a thousand kinds of families. But what is a family? A family might be tied

together through bloodlines, the experience of living under the same roof, or indescribable love. Even though we see the model family of “dad, mom, little brother, and me” in a textbook, we know that there are different kinds of families in the world, and their members  find their own ways to understand and maintain the intangible connection between them.

Finalist Works of Local Competition

Two Families

Frank WU
BACM in School of Creative Media, CityU

Hong Kong|2020|71Fiction
In Cantonese & Mandarin with Chinese & English subtitles

2021 Hong Kong Independent Film Festival
2021 Made in Hong Kong FilmLab
2021 SCM Annual 2021, School of Creative Media, CityU


Hong Kong is called the migrant city as lots of moving and turmoil happened after the change of sovereignty. Two Families is a neo-realist tale about three generations of a Hong Kong family, in which everyone has overseas experience. They finally gather in Hong Kong, but are then forced to scatter again due to social unrest and the pandemic.

Frank WU

Frank Wu graduated from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong in 2020. He also studied at the University of Sydney, where he started to develop his interest in moving images. He then decided to come back to Hong Kong to study the art of film. His works include There and Now, Could be a Happy Day, and Two Families.


Juror’s Comment



Asian Student Works

Piglet Piglet

LIN Tsung Yen
MFA of Kanbar Institute of Film & Television, New York University

Taiwan 2021|15Fiction
In Mandarin with Chinese & English subtitles
Hong Kong Premiere

2021 Taipei Film Festival
2021 Asian American International Film Festival
2021 New York Asian Film Festival


Leading up to the 2020 Taiwanese presidential election, Yu-Ann finds herself pregnant and decides to keep it to herself, since her husband is busy with the opening of a Ba-wan bistro. But before Yu-Ann has the chance to tell her husband about the pregnancy, she has a miscarriage, and is devastated……

LIN Tsung Yen

Tsung-Yen is a Taiwanese writer/director who focuses on social issues and slice-of-life narratives. Tsung-Yen’s work reveals the basic humanity inherent in everyday life situations and is colored by his own strongly-held sense of social responsibility.  He is currently a third-year directing MFA candidate and Tisch Scholar at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Kanbar Institute of Film & Television.

Butterfly Jam

HUANG Shih Yen
École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, PSL University

Taiwan, France|2021|6|Animation
In French with Chinese & English subtitles
Hong Kong Premiere

2021 Nominated for Best Animated Short Film, Golden Horse Award
2021 Jury Distinction “Outstanding Art Direction,”
Annecy International Animation Film Festival
​2021 Grand Prix, Students Competition, Animakom FEST


A young woman describes her father and his relationship to his many pets that he never manages to take care of. The animals consistently die one after the other in the context of a family being torn apart. This is the story of those clumsy people whose tactless expressions of love end up pushing away loved ones.

HUANG Shih Yen

Born in 1990 in Taiwan. She lives and works in France. With more than ten years of experience and research in art video and in oil painting, she focuses on the marks of memory on objects and in space through drawing and animation.