Programme 4: Growing Pains
20.11.2021 (Sat) 1710|BC
with post-screening talk
host by Wong Ka Ying

Seven powerful films from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Myanmar redefine coming of age with unique voices. Unpacking important subjects including queerbaiting, war trauma, and bullying, these works confront us with the dark side of being young in specific contexts. Yet they are relatable, as we, too, have struggled to be ourselves.  

Finalist Works of Local Competition


CHEUNG Chung Sang
BA in Department of Motion Picture, NTUA

Hong Kong, Taiwan|2020|15|Fiction
In Mandarin with Chinese & English subtitles

2020 ELTA TV Award for Best Screenplay, MOD Microfilm and Golden Short Film

A kitten on the school roof leads Jean and Janine to each other. Soon after, terrible things that happened to Jean one after another leave Janine hopeless. Is the bond between these two a blessing, or a curse?

CHEUNG Chung Sang

Daisy Cheung graduated from the Department of Motion Picture, NTUA. During her studies, she wrote and directed three short films. In 2019, her production Together was nominated for the Best Drama Film in the 41st Golden Harvest Awards & Short Film Festival. Now, she is a freelance art worker.


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Survival HK

Louise PAU
Experimental Animation MFA, School of Film/Video, CalArts 

Hong Kong| 2019|7Fiction、Animation

In Cantonese & English with Chinese & English subtitles 


2020 Special Mention (Animation Category), ifva Awards

2020 Jury Award (Student Category), Animafest Zagreb  

2019 Jury Award (Main Competition), New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 


An English-listening test takes place inside a small classroom while a typhoon brews outside. The students struggle to focus, their attention divided between the test recording and what is happening beyond the test.

Louise PAU

Louise Pau is a moving image artist from Hong Kong. Her work explores the identity of a Hong Konger in the face of post-colonialism and shifting power structures.


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HD in Creative Film Production, Academy of Film, HKBU

Hong Kong|2020|24| Fiction 
In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles 


To be a fan is to believe and offer devotion. Kitty and Christy are fans of a K-pop group, “AF;” they chase everything about them. One day Jeffery, one of AF’s members, comes to Hong Kong. The girls try so hard to get closer to their idol, but the image they believe in is just an illusion.


Major in script writing, trying hard to be a professional writer.


Juror’s Comment

作品直面處理追星、「賣腐」(queer baiting)、私影、同性情愫和成長的題目,描寫得坦誠赤裸,技術或有沙石,但仍不減驚艷。



NG Cheuk Yan|YEUNG Sik Yung

Undergraduate Programme, School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK

Hong Kong|2019|8Fiction、Documentary
In Cantonese, English, & French with Chinese & English subtitles 

2019 Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong Short Film Competition – Honorary Mention 

2019 ifva  Festival Open Category – Finalist


Two girls fantasize about making a declaration to the world.

YEUNG Sik Yung,
NG Cheuk Yan

Kitty Yeung is a filmmaker at Nowness Asia while Candice currently works at a local production company. They are still two restless, freedom-loving souls who have something to tell the world.


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Asian Student Works

Humongous! とてつもなく大きな

Aya Kawazoe

Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts

In Japanese with Chinese & English subtitles 

Hong Kong Premiere

2020 Cannes International Critics’ Week
2020 New York Film Festival
2020 Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival

Eiko has repeated flashbacks from childhood. She is enveloped by a huge noise, a boy starts running, and Eiko falls off a swing. Are they memories or dreams, or are they the present day, or do they belong to someone else? The sound expands. That’s really something huge.


Aya Kawazoe

Born in 1989. Graduated from Tama Art University in 2014, where she learned filmmaking from Shinya Tsukamoto and Shinji Aoyama. After working in the motion-picture industry, she enrolled in the national film school (master’s program at Tokyo University of the Arts) in 2019 with Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Nobuhiro Suwa as tutors.

Girl in the Water

MFA of Graduate Institute of Animation and Film Art, TNNUA

No dialogue

Hong Kong Premiere


2021 Golden Fireball Award (Taiwan Section), Kaohsiung Film Festival International Short Film Competition
2021 Nominated for Best Animated Short Film, Golden Horse Award
2021 Graduation Short Films in Competition, Annecy International Animation Film Festival


In a room where the walls are falling apart, a woman is waiting for the just-repaired surface to dry as she touches the scar on her leg and remembers a romantic relationship. “Girl in the Water” is a hand-drawn animated short that is feminine and has a slow narrative rhythm, painted in watercolor and pastel, frame by frame. The warmth characteristic of hand drawing contrasts quite markedly with the distress that the main character suffers. The film talks about the convalescence of broken hearts. By the process of fixing the wall, viewers are able to experience the journey of convalescence.




Shi-Rou is a freelance animator and illustrator. Specializing in cel-animation, she often finds herself deep-diving into female consciousness. Beneath the gentle and cloud-like colors of her work lies the poetic and visceral storytelling that defines this young and talented soul.


Nan Khin San Win
Yangon Film School

In Burmese with English subtitles

Hong Kong Premiere

2021 Special Mention, New Asian Currents Award, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival
2021 Nominated for Best Asian Short, Seoul International Women’s Film Festival


Life for women and girls is far from safe in parts of conflict-affected Kayah State. In this

absorbing short documentary, first-time director Khin San Win explores both her own

trauma and that of another woman from her village in a bid to break the silence that

shrouds violence against women in Myanmar.

Nan Khin San Win

Nan was born and grew up in Bawlakhe Township in Myanmar’s Kayah State. She discovered her passion for filmmaking while taking part in a workshop run by Yangon Film School’s alumni in the Kayah capital of Loikaw. ‘’I want to reveal the many hidden stories in Kayah’’ she says of her decision to enrol at YFS in 2020. Broken, in which she bravely examines her own biography, is her first documentary as a director.