Programme 1: Being an Outsider
18.11.2021 (Thu) 1930|BC
with post-screening talk
host by CHAN Kin Long

Sometimes, we feel like outsiders from the people around us. How can we know what others are experiencing? Some people might be facing unbearable pressure; some people are lingering between their dreams and reality; some people are doing their best to find a space where they feel comfortable. Six short films depict different situations of being outside the mainstream. Is this feeling familiar to you?

Finalist Works of Local Competition

Nothing Pleases Like Maltesers

WONG Hiu Chin
BACM in School of Creative Media, CityU

Hong Kong |2019|15|Fiction、Experimental
In Cantonese & English with Chinese & English subtitles 

2020 SeaShorts Film Festival
2019 Image Forum Festival
2019 KANNIBAL FEST International Shortfilm Festival

Facing our unsatisfied needs, unfilled desires, and irreparable regrets, we try to strike a balance, but sometimes we just go crazy; we look for help, but what do we expect from others? Not to mention the little things that happened in the middle of the night…

WONG Hiu Ching

A documentary filmmaker in her own family, Wong takes moving images and sound as her main creative practice. After graduation, she kept writing scripts while working as a bamboo scaffolder. Now she mainly works in video production, and is still a slasher.

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Weeping Man

Mufasa YU
BA (Hons) in Visual Arts, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU

Hong Kong|2021|11|Animation
No dialogue

2021 Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) Award, HART (moving Image) Award and Vitamin D Award, HKBU AVA BA Graduation show

This cinematic journey revolves around the visceral form of people struggling and expressing toward the inevitability of not fulfilling one’s soul. The manifestation of loss results in people desperately trying to cope with loss and acting to fulfil themselves once again in this ineluctable reality of the urban space-time.

Mufasa YU

Graduated from HKBU Academy of Visual Arts. Yu concentrated in subjects like painting, video and performance. Through deconstruction and reconstruction, he is searching for the root of existence but after all, it’s his genuine feelings that lead the way.


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The Long Hustle

TANG Tsz Kin
Integrated Bachelor of Business Administration Programme, CUHK

Hong Kong|2018|17|Documentary
In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles

But Sai Ho’s intellectual development has been hindered by epilepsy since he was a child. His mother left him in his childhood, and his father passed away in recent years. Since then, But, who is over 40 now, has been alone in his home, playing video games from day to night, and building a corner of his own.

TANG Tsz Kin

Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Tang has participated in various types of video productions since university, including the dramatic short film Your Breath in Me, and documentaries The Long Hustle and Meeting Mr. Li.


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CHAN Ting Long | CHEUNG Chi Kwan | SZE Jenhon
BFA (Hons) in Animation and Visual Effects, OUHK

Hong Kong|2021|6|Animation
No dialogue

2021 OUHK Creative Arts Graduation Show

A stranger takes the light rail back to the past and meets his young self. It’s like a cassette tape rewinding back. He hopes that the protagonist will not repeat the same mistakes and will instead pursue his dreams, so he does everything possible to prevent the protagonist from getting on the train.  But no matter how many times he tries, he will walk back to the same track and play the same part. 

CHAN Ting Long | CHEUNG Chi Kwan | SZE Jenhon

Chan, Cheung, and Sze want to motivate teenagers in Hong Kong to pursue their dreams: no matter what the difficulties, never forget why you started. As teenagers, they would like to give this message to the audience while at the same time reflecting it back onto themselves.


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Middle of Nowhere

SHAM Kwan Yin
BSocSc (Hons) in School of Communication, Film and Media Art Concentration, HKBU

Hong Kong|2019|34′|劇情 Fiction
In Cantonese & Putonghua with Chinese & English subtitles

2020 Finalist, mm2 Movie Makers Awards
Global University Film Awards, HKBU Academy of Film’s Choice Special Mention

A struggling theatre actor is tired after years of touring. However, a rumour that a world-class company is recruiting actors will impact him to rethink his future life path.

SHAM Kwan Yin, Anson

Anson has graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University’s School of Communication with a concentration in Film and Media Art. He’s now working as a freelance filmmaker.


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乜野為之認同? 乜野係事業呢?忠於自己,真係完全唔使靠人? 全片節奏明快功架足。導演避免左沉溺中二,分享佢問呢類問題嘅經驗。 堅持做喜歡的事嘅年輕人,要睇啊。


Asian Student Work

Blessed Winter

Emetjan Memet
Postgraduate, Majoring in Directing, Beijing Film Academy

In Uyghur with Simplified Chinese & English subtitles

2021 Special Jury Award, Hong Kong International Film Festival
2020 Best Film Award, 86358 Chinese Short Film Festival

A boy wants to see his girlfriend behind the locked door, but he accidentally broke his nose. The girl longs for freedom, but is guarded by her mother. The mother is worried about her daughter and unsettled by her alcoholic husband. The drunk husband invites the boy home to stop his bleeding nose.

Emetjan Memet

Born in Xinjiang province in China, Mamat graduated from Beijing Film Academy as a postgraduate student majoring in directing. In the fourth 86358 short film festival, his short film Blessed Winter won the Best Film award, and in the 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival it won the Special Recognition Award. In the third Beijing International Short Film Festival, ALIKIS won the award of Jury Special Mention For Chinese Short Films, and it was shortlisted for the Spotlight Section of Osaka Asian Film Festival.